Sound field simulation room (Auralization system)

By processing the calculation result of Sound CAD as MIDI data by DSP apparatus, various sound field can be experienced in the audition room equipped with 16 speakers. This is an auralization system. Various sound fields can be experienced only by changing room shape and material data. It is very useful for the presentation room of a company and recreation facilities. Moreover, in case a music hall is built, the greatest power will be demonstrated as a decision support system of a sound designer and a sound consultant. 

An example of usage (in Moguranpia: underground Aquarium and science museum, Iwate, Japan)

Some virtual sound fields are automatically changed for every time. It is utilized as various presentations or attractions, such as corporate guidance, sightseeing guidance, and educational teaching materials. Combining it with an image, virtual reality can be experienced. 

An  example of the automatic reproduction

Sound image

Announcement  Time
announcement  Welcome!. Please enjoy the world of virtual reality. 30 seconds
Sound in a  cave In a cave, sound has much reverberation.  30 seconds
Sound in a tunnel By the difference between internal form and size, sound is also different. 30 seconds
Music hall front Sound changes with places to listen in the same music hall.  30 seconds
Music hall center 30 seconds
Music hall back 30 seconds
Announcement  With the size of the room and the position to listen, sound is different. 30 seconds


Sound field simulation room (Kajima corporation) Note that this links to Japanese language site.
Moguranpia (Yahoo! Japan Regional information) Note that this links to Japanese language site.