Preference test system

Using this system, subjective preference of sound field can be easily tested by paired comparison. Acoustic parameters tested is sound level, initial time delay gap, reverberation time, and Inter-aural cross correlation. A synthetic sound is made by the auralization system. The characteristic of a favorite sound of an audience is measured, the sound characteristic within a hall is compared, and the optimal seat in the hall can be searched. 

Preference test

First, one music motif is chosen from 16 motifs (string concert music, a violin, a flute, trumpet, etc.). Next, from this motif, the dozens of sound with different sound parameter is made by using DSP. A subject listens pairs of two different sounds among them in an order, and judges which was desirable. This judgment is immediately transmitted to the control PC via the switch installed in the test room. A test is ended in about 15 minutes. Then the individual optimal sound field is determined. The optimal seat in sound quality is searched in the hall from this test result. With the degree of aptitude, all seats in the hall are classified in three stages, and displayed with different colors. Furthermore, in reservation/ticket issuing system, the optimal seat is reserved and the ticket of the seat is issued. The flow of a test is very easy as shown below. Special instruction or education are not required at all.

Test procedure
(1) Register a personal information
(2) Decide a music motif
(3) Listen to an explanation of a test.
(4) Sit on a seat in the test room.
(5) Test starts. Repeat 5-1 to 5-3 for about 15 minutes.
(5-1) Listen to a motif in sound field A.
(5-2) Listen to a motif in sound field B.
(5-3) Compare A and B to judge which you prefer. Then press a button.  
(6) Test finishes. 
(7) Recommended seating chart is printed. 


Sound Preference Audition Room
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