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(Airport Noise Analysis Testing 7)

Before, I went to the Nagoya (Komaki) airport for measuring a jet passenger plane. The data of the landing jumbo jet recorded at that time is analyzed by DSSF3. It is almost the same as the last data.


air7.wav (44.1kHz / Stereo / 15sec / 2.52MB)

Digital video camera (Sony Handy-Cam) and external stereo microphones (Audio technica AT9450 one-point stereo condenser microphone) were used. It was recorded on a Mini DV tape with a 16-bit sound. By SONY VAIO DVgate-motion, iLINK connection was made and it reproduced. With the Realtime Analyzer of the RAE, a measurement screen was repeatedly reproduced, and the check of a measurement display was repeated.

Jumbo jet landing

2002/01/14 15:16 47:24

2002/01/14 15:16 48:09

2002/01/14 15:16 49:07

2002/01/14 15:16 49:22

2002/01/14 15:16 50:01

2002/01/14 15:16 50:02

2002/01/14 15:16 50:16

2002/01/14 15:16 51:01
It is 2.52 seconds from the first to the last photograph.

2002/01/14 15:17 03:09
It is the scenery from the opposite side. The airplane landed at the runway.

The 1/3 octave analysis (peak level display) of Jumbo jet sound.

This is time-frequency display of the power spectrum.

This is the real-time display of the autocorrelation function.

Measurement was performed for 15 seconds with the integration time of 0.2 seconds.

Analysis conditions by SA (Sound Analyzer). It took 8 minutes.

Results. This is time change of the sound level.

All graphs were packed into one picture file by the screen copy function.

January 2002 by M. Sakurai