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Hard key and User registration

After the payment, find the "Hard Key" of your computer, and send it to us by email shop@ymec.com. The registration number is created based on your hard key and is sent to you shortly. 

How to find your hard key?

To find a hard key, start the program and click the "Registration" button on the "User License "dialog. 

The eight digit number is displayed. It is the hard key of your computer. 

How to register?

When you receive a registration number, start the program and click the Registration button. 

To complete the registration, enter the registration number on the Registration dialog.  

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Even if the software is reinstalled, your user registration is still remained. You need to register again if the hard disk is reformatted or replaced. In such a case, please send your new hard key by email to shop@ymec.com.
One license of the program is valid for one computer. If you want to use the program in two or more computers, please purchase additional licenses. 

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