Space development, aviation system control software

A space development project of Japan

There are four big flows in a space development project of Japan. --- The first is the planetary exploration and astronomical observation plan. The second is the Earth Observing plan. The third is the space shuttle plan. And the fourth is the Space Station Program.

The planetary exploration and the astronomical observation plan started with the YOUKOU in 1991, and have resulted in the Lunar-A through the ASUKA and the Planet B. The Lunar-A is a project for clarifying the internal structure of the moon. We joined the software development of Lunar-A.
In the space shuttle plan, we contributed to the injection control of H2 machine launch, system control of a round trip machine plan, and software development.
Moreover, in the Space Station Program, freedom Japan module (JEM) development, development of a very small gravity experiment system, and the portion for the Lords of software are developed.
Although it is small-scale, Japan has been performing steady space development.

International Space Station plan

A very small gravity experiment system (Experiment system of JEM-SPCF) of the freedom Japan module (JEM) development is divided into two, 1/4 DR system and 1/8 DR system.
To enable the use over a long period of time in the weightless environment, various ideas and new structures were considered for logics of electronic control software we had developed. It is the very advanced system, since a design, manufacture, and the test were performed by the standard of NASA.


JEM computer animation JEM vision




The International Space Station is an equipment which size is as a football field. In order to use the space environment and to do experiment research for a long period of time, the United States, Canada, European countries, and Russia are making the plan together.

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Space development, aviation system control software (As of September 1999)

Penetrate system
Space shuttle plan
Fluid physics experiment facility (FTX#6)
Aviation system

A development list of the space development and the aviation system

Space development
97.01-98.03 International Space Station JEM-ELM/ES design support
97.05-98.06 Lunar-A/Penetrate system test support equipment development
  International Space Station JEM module program
International Space Station JEM module operation program and test simulator program
97.07- International Space Station JEM/ELM-ES flight software improvement
98.04-98.05 Fluid physics experiment equipment (FTX#6) software development
98.06-98.03 International Space Station JEM common experiment equipment software development
98.07- USERS/REM data handling system software development

Aviation system
89.06-89.11 Software for Military helicopter 
91.09-91.11 Software for F-15J FLIR F15J fighter
91.10-91.11 Outside light intensity data download program
91.11-91.12 S3 format data send program
91.09-91.10 5 inch LCD automatic measurement program
91.12-92.04 Integration lightwave display unit software
92.05-93.03 Software for ACES
92.06-92.12 ACES, LCD test equipment program
93.07-93.09 LCD test equipment program, LCD automatic measurement program
97.08-98.01 infra-red ray analysis system