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MLIBV Program Manual
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 How to use MLIBV  Reference Manual

  1. File Menu
  2. Edit Menu
  3. Image Menu
  4. View Menu
  5. Help Menu

File menu

Opens the multi-picture files (.mml).
The picture currently displayed is printed.
When you use the List view, it is possible to select and print two or more images. (below)
Print Preview...
The picture currently displayed is previewed.
Print Setup...
Printer selection and its setup are performed.
Terminates the program.
Edit menu

The picture currently displayed is copied to a clipboard.
Image menu

Show Previous Data
The previous data is displayed.
Show Next Data
The following data is displayed.
Automatic Size Adjustment
According to window size, display size is automatically adjusted so that the whole picture is displayed.
Automatic Width Adjustment
The width of a picture is automatically adjusted according to the width of a window.
A picture is expanded by 1.5 times.
A picture is reduced to 1/1.5.
Rotate Left
A picture is rotated 90 degrees on the left.
Rotate Right
A picture is rotated 90 degrees on the right.
View menu

It changes a display / un-displaying of a tool bar. A tool bar is the small button located in a line with the bottom of a menu.
Status Bar
It changes a display / un-displaying of a status bar. Status bar is at the bottom of a window and it displays the state of a program, and the name of an item selected.
Displays the image.
Reduce Image
Reduced picture are displayed.
Items are listed.
List Display Item
Select the item to be displayed at the List view.
Setup a font.
Help menu

About MMView
Displays the version information on a program.
Online Manual
Displays me.
Online Update
A program will be updated to the latest state through the internet. When the computer is connected to the Internet, it can be performed at any time.
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 How to use MLIBV  Reference Manual