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Introduction of RA


Current version is 5.2.X.X    

PCAE3.exe 7.4MB 


Download DSSF3

 Windows8,7,10 / Vista/ Xp / NT4 / 2000 / Me

100% Clean Certified


64bit native - X 64-bit Download 




Turn the standard laptop PC into the Highest-grade virtual measurement instrument. DSSF3 is equipped with powerful and easy to use spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, recorder, and other professional analyzing capabilities. Try this great tool for all sound engineering work!


 DSSF3 is a combination of three components: Real-time Analyzer ( RA ), Sound Analyzer (SA), and Environmental noise Analyzer (EA).  Installer program of DSSF3 is common. During 30 days all functions  can be used without limitation.



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DSSF3        RA + SA   (+ EA )

it allows three installs and activations

US$ 98
DSSF3  Light    RA

it allows three installs and activations

US$ 39


 RA Features


Reserch, Paper and presentation (Masatsugu Sakurai)

Mmlib applications of  research



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