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YMEC store -Online store of the quality acoustic sound measurement and analysis software DSSF3, RAL, RAD, RAE, and image database MMLIB

Sound measurement and analysis software DSSF3 has been updated to version 5.2.X.X  

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Introduction to Sound Measurement -Examples of audio measurement, FFT analysis, oscilloscope, impulse response, autocorrelation analysis

Visit this site to learn how to choose the measurement equipments, and how to use the basic measurement tools such as signal generator, spectrum analyzer, sound level meter, and oscilloscope. A lot of measurement reports about home audio and car audio, concert hall acoustics, heartbeat measurement, and speech analysis are also presented. 

Recent updates
Site search has been updated. Articles in Introduction to Sound Measurement can be found easily.  
Measurement of PC's soundboard by Realtime analyzer, 1  
Analysis of Japanese voice, 1  
Airport noise analysis 1, 2  
DAT and DV recording for outdoor sound measurement  
THD analyzer  

Measurement report examples
Measurement of PC's soundboard by Realtime analyzer FFT analyzer, Oscilloscope,
THD analyzer
Measurement of the frequency response by the signal generator and FFT analyzer
Concert hall measurement report Impulse response,
Sound Analyzer
1/10 scale model experiment
Operation of a Sound-level Meter 2 Sound-level meter Direct sound input from a sound level meter

Research proposal
Real-time multidimensional sound analysis for medical diagnosis

Sound preference audition room -Online demonstration of sound preference test and seat selection in the concert hall
The ideal sound conditions of a listening room or an auditorium depend on the kind of music or musical instruments. More importantly, sound preference is dependent on each personality. In this site, you may find what is the cue parameter of the acoustical quality in concert hall and what condition you prefer.
Measurement report
Measurement in a concert hall 1 System test and 1/10 scale model experiment
Measurement in a concert hall 2 WAVファイル 1/10 scale model experiment, impulse response measurement
Measurement in a concert hall 3 Analysis of acoustic parameters by SA
Measurement in a concert hall 4 WAVファイル 1/10 scale model experiment, effect of reflector panels

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Our research activities, products and services in acoustics, and other software development and system integration are introduced.

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