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Ultimate sound measurement and analysis software.

DSSF3 version 5.2.x.x  is now available For Windows  X32-bit X64-bit

It can be purchased in encryption currency. BTC,ETH are available, so please let us know.

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Introduction to simple sound measurement using an notebook computer
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DSSF3 turns your standard PC into Highest-grade measurement instrument. Powerful real-time analyzer includes signal generator, oscilloscope, spectrum and octave analyzer, real time spectrogram, phase meter, data recorder. THD analyzer, impulse response measurement, and running ACF mesurement. An user of our product comments Quality sound measurement software equivalent to at least US$50,000 hardware!. This is the software you need!


     DSSF3 We recommend DSSF3

 In the basic research, use of DSSF3 in the field of engineering or life science has started in addition to acoustics. In life science, the elucidation of a high order brain function which performs subjective evaluation of preference and comfortableness has started. In the field of engineering, it is applied to oscillating analysis or electronic measurement. Then, we aim to apply this research to a product design, or to construct a database about sensitivity in the field of information processing.

 It allows three installs and activations. DSSF3 can only be installed on three computers.

 RAE / RAD / RAL are end of selling . 


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