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Introduction to simple sound measurement using an notebook computer
Recent Update:

2005/11/16  Site search has been updated. Articles in Introduction to Sound Measurement can be found easily.

2005/07/13  Measurement of PC's soundboard by Realtime analyzer, 1 has been updated. Note about distortion measurement has been added. Analysis of Japanese voice, 1 has been updated. Spectrogram display of voice has been added.

2005/07/12  Airport noise analysis 1, 2 have been updated. Spectrogram display of the aircraft noise has been added. 

2005/06/10  Instruction for advanced use 3, DAT and digital video recording for outdoor measurement has been updated. Recording procedure and SPL calibration were added.

2005/06/10  THD analyzer has been updated. Basic knowledge of the Total Harmonic Distortion and its measurement procedure is described.

2005/04/27  Sweep generator has been updated. How to measure the frequency response is added.

2005/03/28  Automobile Noise Analysis 2 has been revised. Spectrogram and running ACF analyses have been added.

2005/03/25  Automobile Noise Analysis has been revised. How to perform the measurement and analysis is further described.

2005/03/16  Measurement of a rotational speed of motor has been revised. How to perform the measurement and analysis is further described.

2005/01/20  Instruction for advanced use 4, measurement data management, has been added. How to save data and record sound is described.

2004/12/10  Spectrogram has been added.

2004/12/08  Pulse generator has been revised. Impulse response measurement by using the pulse generator and recorder is added. 

2004/10/18  Laboratory exercises for analog circuits and electronics, by Prof. Marion Hagler at Mississippi State University

2004/10/14  Top page has been renewed

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