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RAD / Realtime Analyzer DSS

Not for Windows'7,Windows VISTA For Windows95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP  

Quality acoustic measurement and analysis software. Simple and easy to use. For measuring room acoustics, professional analysis of sound and vibration in your computer. RAD is a valuable tool for audiophiles, audio engineers, and educational institutions.

Function outline

RAD consists of two programs. Realtime Analyzer (RA), and Sound Analyzer (SA).

RA [2 channels real time analyzer] is a virtual measurement instrument, including signal generator, real time frequency analyzer, and oscilloscope. In addition, data acquisition modules for Impulse response and Running ACF analysis are included. 

SA [sound analyzer] performs multidimensional sound analysis by use of the various acoustic parameters. Room acoustics parameters such as RT (reverberation time) and IACC (spaciousness) are calculated from the impulse response. In addition to the conventional FFT analysis, a newly developed ACF / CCF is used for analyzing detailed acoustic qualities and spatial qualities of sound. 

1/3 octave band display
All the functions of RAL / Realtime Analyzer Light are included. Peak level meter, signal generator, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, 1/3 octave band,  waterfall, and correlation meter.
Reverberation time is analyzed quickly and accurately based on the impulse response. 
Recorded sound is analyzed in detail. Time history of SPL, fundamental frequency, pitch strength, angle of incidence, etc. 

Install Guide
Application notes
RA Realtime Analyzer program manual
SA Sound Analyzer program manual

Get free trial: During a trial period of 3 days, all functions of RAD can be used without limitation. 
PcAudioRADEMe.exe / 5.73MB

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