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About YMEC

Yoshimasa Electronic Inc. (YMEC software) is a developer of the sound measurement and analyzing software. Initially, its development was started in 1997 as a research tool for supporting the concert hall measurement and the scale model experiment. It was supervised by Professor Yoichi Ando, who is a leading researcher in the concert hall acoustics. Subsequently, new system for the measurement of environmental noise was co-developed with Ando Laboratory in 1998 under the financial support of ACT-JST project. The results of these research and development has become a key component of the YMEC's current products. The online store was started in 1999 to distribute the products worldwide. 

YMEC's flagship product DSSF3 (Diagnostic System for Sound Field) is a highly integrated measurement and analysis software. Its features, ease of use, performance, and compatibility are well recognized (users' review is here). DSSF3 consists of three separate programs; one for recording and measuring sound in real- time, called Realtime Analyzer, one for analyzing the recorded data, Sound Analyzer, and Environmental Noise Analyzer, that is equipped with the latest noise measurement technology and advanced data recording functions. These three components work together to turn a standard PC into a complete set of sound measurement and analysis tools. DSSF3 covers a wide scope of audio and acoustics: home audio, car audio, building and room acoustics, instrument sound analysis, environmental noise measurement, and biomedical sound analysis and diagnosis. So, a variety of customers are using the program for their hobby, education, and research and development purposes. A vast amount of measurement examples and application notes of DSSF3 are prepared in our web site Introduction to Sound Measurement. Even users with no knowledge of sound measurement can start their work immediately just after downloading the software.

YMEC is conducting research activities in the field of room acoustics, environmental noise measurement, and medical acoustics. Much recent research has been concerned with the use of sound analysis in medical diagnosis. It is widely recognized that auscultation is a very effective method in detecting heart diseases and lung diseases in clinical diagnosis, because the auscultation sound contains much useful information about the activity of inner organs such as heartbeat, blood flow, breathing. There is much demand for medical staffs to a device analyzing auscultation sound for helping diagnosis and assessing patient's health condition. The "biomedical sound analyzer", that can analyze auscultation sound in real time to fulfill such requirements is under development. Read more about the topic.


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President: Masatsugu Sakurai


Kajima Corporation: Co-developer of the acoustic simulation system

Ando laboratory: Co-researcher group of the acoustic simulation system and the environmental noise measurement software

ACT-JST Software Library: Final report of the project supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency


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